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I began drawing at the age of 3 with a love for detail and precision. I continued pursuing art throughout school until deciding to switch my focus to poetry in college. Poetry opened up a world of expression that wasn't bound by the constraints of realism I had experienced with visual art. 

 I put both poetry and visual art aside as my family grew but couldn't stay away for long. Having graduated with a BS in Writing for the Arts I entered graduate classes in painting. Playing with a looser, more expressive form than I had used before, I fell in love with how line could express mood. Abstraction has served as the perfect blend of poetry and drawing. It has acted as translator, helping to bring form to ideas that can't quite be spoken. 


Growing up In Springfield, MO, I have always been acutely aware of the changing moods of weather and seasons. As someone deeply affected by my environment, I like to muse on the spaces between self and world. That space between can be expansive or constricted, nebulous or severe, and I like to use color and line to express these variations. Abstraction has allowed me to paint experience, those momentary states that often go unnoticed. My paintings are an attempt at memorializing the ephemeral. 

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